Message From the Director

University of Sumatera Utara Hospital as a Physician Education Provider

To be able to overcome the problem of perfect health, the mastery of science and technology in medical / health by human resources (HR) field of medicine / health is of the essence developed.Upaya ini akan berhasil bila didukung oleh facilities and infrastructure development, increased research activities, assessment, control, utilization and development science and medical technology healthcare. The availability of infrastructure such as hospitals for medical education / health is an absolute requirement in order to produce quality graduates.

The education system is implemented FK USU over the years, have made use of the Hospital Dr. Pirngadi Medan and Hospital Haji Adam Malik as a teaching hospital. Utilization of Hospital Dr. Pirngadi and Hospital Haji Adam Malik as education field shows some problems / potential problems, which sooner or later will be able to affect the quality of education. Capacity accomodation now up and efforts for the development of the capacity can no longer keep pace with the increase in learners. Facility, the number and variety of cases held increasingly felt inadequate to be able to provide good education and produce quality graduates.

Implementation of health care at a hospital that is designed for educational purposes believed would raise and improve service quality. It is caused by the facilities / infrastructure owned and operational activities should be harmonized with the development of science and technology in medical / health in order to ensure that it produces graduates qualified and competitive.

On the basis of thought and for this purpose has been deemed necessary existence of a Teaching Hospital USU. Hospital USU will be developed in stages to achieve the vision of the expected. Thus the existence, scope and benefits will be felt widely. This tool should be a complement that will co-exist with the means teaching hospital that has existed so that development efforts in the field of health / medicine, which is part of the development of Indonesian society can be more quickly realized.

Dr. dr. Syah Mirsya Warli, Sp. U , President Director, University of Sumatera Utara Hospital