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Hospital of North Sumatra University (USU RS) is a teaching hospital that has obtained operational licenses from the Ministry of Health Medan. Organized by the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education to provide quality health services efficiently in North Sumatra, particularly the city of Medan.

In principle BPJS RS USU as partner referral hospital of Faskes Tk. I (health centers, clinics, medical practices, etc.), so it is expected that patients BPJS bring a referral letter to be served.

For general patients, patients without a referral letter, in accordance with the tariff RS 2016 USU is obligated to pay consulting fees and administrative costs amounted to Rp40.500 addition to other measures.


Jam Pelayanan Rawat Jalan

Monday to Friday 08.00 WIB s.d 15.00 WIB Registration on Floor 1 Hospital USU
Saturday, Sunday, and Big Day Registration at IGD RS USU


procedures service



Other Announcements

BPJS particular patient is also expected to bring a copy of ID card, photocopy of family card and card copy BPJS every two (2) copies.